Sipadan and Mabul, Malaysia

Mabul Island and Sipadan Island
are very close together, both situated in the Celebes Sea and can be reach the other by boat within 15 minutes. And yet dive in these two places is totally different. Sipadan is famous for its pelagics, schools of barracuda and jacks, tuna, humphead parrotfish, sharks, rays and turtles are found all around the island. While Mabul has abundant small creatures such as ghost fish, pipe fish, leaf fish, frog fish, crocodile fish, ribbon eels, nudibranches, and many other rare marine life. The entire islands are fascinating breeding ground. Diving in both of these two islands will provide you the richest marine life you want to see.

Close to these islands there are many unexplored underwater treasures. To dive in these new sites of cause require thorough planning and preparation. Transportation support and equipment backup are essentials for undertaking the challenge. With the fast and well equipped diving boats available in some of the well established resorts, diving in this new sites are now possible.

There are a few choices for you to get there. From Hong Kong there are daily flights to Kota Kinabalu except on Thursday. Other indirect routing is via Manila. Same day connection by domestic flight to Tawau is possible and it takes about 45 minutes. From Tawau there are two choices to arrive the islands. The new transfer service by helicopter will be more expensive but faster, takes 30 minutes to arrive right at the greeting area of the resorts. The more commonly used type of transfer is by car to Semporna Jetty (approx. 90 minutes drive) and speed boat to the islands (approx. 45 minutes ride).

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