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Balicasag Island is a low and flat coral island, approximately 30 hectares in size and situated 4 kilowmeters southwest of Duljo Point off Panglao Reef.

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The Island is surrounded by a sandy shell coraline beach 10 to 50 metres wide. The shelf, which is 5 to 8 metre deep, terminates into a perpendicular underwater precipice down to depths beyond 80 metre on the north and northwest face of the reef.

bal-4 The magic of Balicasag lies beneath the deep blue sea. The top of submarine cliffs are covered with sponges and gorgonians. A thriving fish community is found arround the cliff face area. Jacks, barracudas and mackerels abound. Coral in this island is particularly rich in colour and varieties. Breeding areas and fish feeding stations provide endless interesting dives for scuba enthusiasts.



Balicasag Island Dive Resort

Ashore, experience the beauty of untamed nature; the warmth of open sky and days of sunshine, the cooling sea waters, the stretch of fine sand.

Enrol in a diving certification course, and learn this thrilling sport either in open water or at the resort. Set out to explore the depths with the many dive tours offered.

In keeping with the natural setting, native-style duplex cottages provide overnighters with naturally ventilated rooms and individual private baths. Enjoy good dining at the resort's native style style restaurant and share experiences with friends. bal-2

Reservation Offices - Manila : G/F Maripola Bldg. 109 Perea St., Legaspi Village
Makati, Metro Manila.
Tel : 812 1984 Fax 812 1164

P.S. Dive Map provided by Mr Paul HODGSON.

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