Diving Services Available From The Oceanway Corporation.

We can provide or arrange training for both recreational and commercial divers. We also carry out Marine Surveys concerned with the underwater environment in Hong Kong.

  Training Services

Oceanway can offer a large variety of diver training to divers wishing to get into the business or trying to advance their existing qualifications.

This training includes also includes various of recreational diver training.

Underwater Surveys

Oceanway can cater for a range of Underwater Surveys to establish underwater environment suitability for particular projects. These surveys include underwater mapping, benthic survey and marine habitat investigations. Our team includes the qualified expertise to be able to identify specific marine organisms, and to supervise these surveys.

Most of this work has been in the form of preliminary surveys of marine areas zoned for development for Consulting Companies.

Typically these reports include underwater area maps, underwater photographs and a list of all of the species of marine animals found within the area.