Diving Equipment available from The Oceanway Corporation.

We market a wide assortment of recreational and commercial diving equipment. The list of products is quite long. We have listed some of them below :

  Wet & Dry Suits

We market an assortment of diver's clothing suitable for the varying conditions in Hong Kong.

For the commercial diver we have VIKING Drysuits that offer total protection when diving in very cold water or very polluted water. (See picture). We also have all of the undergarments that are needed with these suits.

For the Wet Suit diver, we have several products from Australia that are suitable for tropical and sub-tropical conditions.


Full Face Masks

We have a selection of lightweight full face masks to suit small faces. The most popular is the AGA MKII. (See picture). This mask comes in two colours for the silicon version, and black for the rubber version. Both wireless or hard wired communications can be fitted to this mask.

We also have access to the famous Kirby Morgan full face masks for those divers who prefer these.