Underwater Communications from The Oceanway Corporation.

We market probably the best commercial diver communication available in the world today. This equipment comes from Divecom in the USA.


For the Boat or Shore (transceiver).

The equipment allows wireless voice communication between the surface and underwater divers fitted with compatible underwater units. It is available in two versions. The difference is basically the output power and thus the range. There are some more features available on the larger unit.


The MK100 Surface Unit

This unit has a full 6 W power output and the option of an external speaker. It forms a powerful base station covering an extensive area.



The 2000 SU Surface Unit

This unit is basically a converted diver unit that is designed to work on the surface. It has the main advantage of being small.


Both of these units come with a 10M cable to the submersible transducer .


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Diver Unit (transceiver)

This unit allows for the wireless connection between divers and the surface unit. This unit comes with dual underwater headphone speakers for clarity and can be fitted to a variety of full-face masks. These include :

a) Interspiro AGA

b) Kirby Morgan EXO

c) Scuba Pro

There are two models available. A 2W version intended for the Commercial Diver market, and the cheaper 1W model for the Recreational Diver market. Note that the 2W version comes with a water-proof plug and socket arrangement (Marsh Connector). The 1W version is a fixed connection.


Diver Unit (receiver only)

The diver receiver unit has a set of dual headphone speakers that can be attached to any mask currently available today.

There are two versions available. One with a Marsh Connection for convenience, the other is hard wired.

HW-4 Hard wire Series

This is the best hard wire diver communication system available and can be used in SAR and Hazardous Material applications.

Full duplex operation is achieved by a four wire connection.

The operator units are very compact and the cable is surrounded by a 1500 lbs test nylon safety rope. The microphone wire is shielded.