The 1998 Hong Kong Diving Guide - An Oceanway Sponsored Project
This guide was put together by a small group of divers that enjoy diving locally and want to encourage other local divers to do likewise. There are several reasons why we would like you to do this :

- support the local diving industry.

- see first hand the state of the underwater environment in Hong Kong.

- become involved in many of the local diving projects currently being undertaken here.

This guide is by no means complete and the hope is to keep up-dating it to provide more information about the local diving environment.

We will be starting a section on marine life to look out for soon, so please check this site for details once we get the sponsorship we need to do this.

On a final note, we (the small group of divers) are not controlled by or push any dive agency (all divers are welcome), company (we accept any unconditional sponsorship) or group. We do use the facilities of the SCUBA Connection and receive sponsorship from Oceanway but only have to acknowledge the help we receive from these organizations.


Yours in diving.