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Brum, Brum, Brum......., nice to meet you guys here!
  • Welcome to the realm of the blue. My name is Michael Wu. Imagine you are asked to encounter your beloved somewhere in inner space. Would it be exciting and lovely ? You are cordially invited to join us. Let us show you the mystery of SCUBA diving and explore the virgin frontier with the our elite divers. We will show you how to minimize your impact on the evironment, dive safely with controlled buoyancy, and to use newly developed equipment. Finally, we will enable you to master your diving skills and feel totally relaxed in the enjoyable underwater world.
  • I grew up on Hong Kong Island and spent many wonderful hours in warm clear costal waters with my friends - you can tell how long ago that was ! At the beginning of 1966 I fell in love with the sea, and was first amazed by Turtle Cove Beach's extremely clear water. My old man bought me my "First Mask"; it was a really strange looking device with a snorkel attached on the top of it. At the top end of the snorkel was a plastic cage with a ping-pong ball trapped in it, which acts as a stop-valve to prevent water entering when I was under water. What a primitive contraption !?
  • I can still recall the schools of fish from my memory, their interactions, and how big some of them were and how close to me in the shallow water. Diving is a pleasurable activity and can lead you to explore the fascinating array of colourful corals and the awesome spectacle of aquatic life beneath the surface. In this underwater playground, which provides a haven for tiny fish of iridescent colors darting through the delicate pastel corals, you get a totally new perspective of the world. Such sensations will leave you agog and are not easy to miss.
  • Time seems to have flashed by and even though I am now in possession of a half bald head, I can still remember the call of the sea with her songs of cheer. She always opens her gentle arms to those awaiting comfort and solitude. I have become a married man with two children and a Multi-certified Scuba Instructor. I am also involved in a wide range of underwater activities, such as vessel hull cleaning and visual inspection, installation and remedial work on slip-ways, the recovery and installation of anchor blocks, underwater photographic recording, underwater geologic sample collection, sea wall block foundation, salvage, aquaculture ...... etc, etc. Diving with handicapped divers helps remind me to open the sea to the physically challenged. I have been teaching different levels of diving technique since 1982 and I am glad that I can share the experience with those who participated in my training courses. With my experience from Sea Dragon Skin-diving Club since 1979, you might suspect that I am a spearfishing diver - actually I'm not. The training that I have done is mainly for educating the novice diver in the community. I have learnt techques from various diving organisations, so please do introduce your friends to our PADI and NAUI Openwater and Continuing Education Courses, and encourage them to join in. We organise regularly club meeting every month, and you can contact me by E-mail now.
  • As always, the only way to survive is to adapt to change, thank goodness. We are required to face new challenges, not only the competition within the diving industry, but with other recreational sports. The age of students trained last year varied from 14 to 65, and so you can imagine what we have been through. Diving is so unique that it leads you to never ending adventures, especially to those who like water sports. You can participate in this inner space with different objectives and you really learn a lot more from sea than you expected. We ensure your entire satisfaction and safe diving.
  • In the last two decades diving was rather tough and, like military training, it was believed that the physical strength compensated shortage of equipment. The continuing improvement of diving gear can now enables a non-swimmer to be trained and become a diver under the correct instruction. Personally, I have the experience of getting two non-swimmers become the keen swimmers after their diving course training.
  • Tragically, those people who have only just fallen in love with sea, and thrive on diving, will never know what has gone forever. I am blessed with so many memories of what was, and enjoy sharing them with you. My memories will be gone when I pass away but is not too late for you to start protecting mother sea by learning environmental consciousness right now.

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