the tropical thermal insulation diving suit made of the finest neoprene, the material is produced by the most well known manufacturer, Rubatex Corporation in the USA. The thickness of the neoprene is 1.5mm laminated polyester which gives better durability and less fading. The composited material is smoother and has more stretch than any other neoprene and is considered to provide the best thermal insulation of all tropical suits.

a general purposes application for many outdoor sports and is particularly suitable for warm tropical water diving or as an undersuit for all weather. The material is made of special blend of polypropylene blended with 70 denier chlorine resistant lycra and will resist peeling, sagging, fading or stretching out of shape. The Aquaskin is the fastest drying skin available today because polyproplylene does not really absorb water, and has the highest insulation of all related fabrics. A unique feature for comfort, spine pad made from low density drainable foam is designed for comfort and durability.

The Above products will soon be available in the Hong Kong market and the sole distributor is FCL Marketing Ltd.